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Organizational information comes from a diverse range of sources and is distributed throughout many systems. Learn how IFN helps you to absorb, protect, analyze, and manage the information received by the organization. Business processes and approvals; control transparency, regulation; sharing information between employees; information availability to employees by mobile; event analysis and alerts in real time. Turn your organization into a paperless organization – a digital organization!

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Why Work with Us?

Tens of Terabytes of Managed Data

Hundreds of millions of documents and tens of terabytes managed at Harel, Clalbit, Israel Central mapping, and others.

Tens of Business Management Process Applications

The Phoenix, Clalbit, Hachshara Insurance, Israel Land Authority, Shirbit, and more.

Decades of Accumulated Experience in the Field

22 years of experience in the field. 50 experts in ECM/BPM applications and 100 customers.

Integrated Solution from the House of IBM FileNet – No. 1 in the World!

Leadership in content-management products, processes, scanning, and indexing – according to Gartner.

Thousands of Tier 1 Customers

Thousands of users at Bank Leumi, The Israel Electric Company, insurance companies, and at 200 authorities and municipalities.

7 Years of Leadership In the Israeli Market!

IFN leads the ECM field in Israel for 7 consecutive years, according to a rating survey by STKI.

On an Ordinary Working Day at IFN

1000000Documents Managed
400000Pages Scanned
180000Assignments and Processes
6500Cloud Users

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Our Team

IFN’s team of 60 experts provides you the most professional service,
with 14 IBM authorizations.

Omer NachmiasDevelopment Manager
Meytal RafaelProduct Manager
Moshe ElbazInfrastructure Manager

Customer Recommendations

“As a part of implementing our city’s vision and strategy, we decided to implement and integrate the document management system in all the municipality’s departments. The project will enable the municipality to centrally manage all its documents – both internal and those aimed at the residents – mechanically and digitally. This project will provide quick and focused accessibility to information.”

Yaron Yahav, CIO, Ramat Gan Municipality

“The document management system, set up in the legal department at Shomra, is the first step in setting up local archives that are managed by the user. This approach will enable mechanized management of sensitive documents and documents not designed for flexibility and efficiency, while reducing the load from the scanning and indexing department.”


Ofer Chen, Vice President of Information Systems, Shomra Insurance Company

“In implementing the system, we implemented an organizational platform for sharing information, documents, and work processes that improve efficiency of the organization, as compared to the past method of working with paper. The IFN system will improve accessibility to the library of construction documents, both for the company’s employees and customers buying apartments from Shikun UBinui.”

Eran Grossman, Information Systems Manager, Shikun UBinui